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Dr Christian Schweige is Visiting Professor at the Chair for Comparative European Governance Systems. His research concentrates on the European Union with a special focus on comparative politics and the comparative political economies of the Member States. Contact: Twitter: @SchweigerC



The EU and Brexit: Sailing in uncharted waters

christianschweiger |

The momentous decision to opt for exit from the European Union that was made by a slim majority of the British public on 23 June immediately will have long-lasting effects which will linger for years to come. The immediate result of the Brexit decision was profound domestic political and economic turmoil in the UK. This […]

The EU’s flawed response to the migrant crisis: Disorientated into the maelstrom

christianschweiger |

This summer Europe witnessed unprecedented events as thousands of migrants embarked on dangerous journeys from the Middle East and further afield to reach the shores of Europe. The growing instability in the Middle East, most of all in Syria which has descended into a state of permanent internal civil war, has resulted in an unprecedented […]

The UK after the 2015 General Election: Doomed to Be a ‘Failed State’?

christianschweiger |

– This article was originally published with ‘E-International Relations (  on     11 June 2015- British politics has gone through turbulent times since the public referendum on Scottish independence took place in September 2014. A majority of Scottish voters narrowly backed remaining part of the United Kingdom after the opinion polls in the weeks before […]

Britain and the UKIP vision: Flirtation or destiny?

christianschweiger |

The ghost of rising Euroscepticism has been haunting the European Union for a considerable amount of time. Since the onset of the global financial crisis the level of support for EU’s institutions and policies has dropped to worryingly low levels in many member states. The United Kingdom is consistently positioned at the bottom of the […]

Juncker, Tusk, Mogherini and the EU’s credibility crisis

christianschweiger |

After months of public wrangling and backroom discussions over the selection of the candidates for the vacancies of key institutional posts the EU is now finally in a position to address its mounting internal and external challenges with a new guard of official representatives. The selection process itself resembled very much the traditional style of […]

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